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Jim Zervanos is an author, teacher, and artist, who paints big colorful pictures in a garage converted into a studio, encourages high-school students to see beauty in the ordinary, writes stories about solitary souls who find their way home, and coaches Little Leaguers to swing hard at anything close.

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It is hard to convey how intimate this memoir is, how revealing, and how moving. With unflinching candor and rare introspection, Zervanos takes us on a tour of life’s scariest moments, and also of its most redemptive—and we are all improved by this journey he so generously shares. This is a brilliant, important book.

—Robin Black, author of the novel Life Drawing 


Every family seems to have its passions and its secrets, but the Greek-American family in this book seems to have more than its fair share of them.  LOVE Park is both funny and moving, and I enjoyed it tremendously.

—CHARLES BAXTER, author of The Sun Collective and National Book Award finalist The Feast of Love


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